Enxin Onyx

Booking Agent : Giorgio Salmoiraghi & Ricky Biondetti

Teetering precariously between discord and harmony, the prismatic distortion of Tot Onyx (Tommi Tokyo aka Tot Onyx formerly of group A) and Hiro Kone’s (Nicky Mao) new project Enxin/Onyx abandons all former distinctions for something mutable and unsettling.

Their debut EP Dorothy opens with the forceful disquietude of “The Face of Others”, Tommi’s vocals cutting through the darkness to pull the listener inward, some divine sort of subterranean madness unraveling on all sides. Haunted voices bubbling up amongst shifting electronics, mercurial at times, confrontational at others. This constant interplay between elements of their individual practices give way to sonic experience that knows no bounds and comes as no surprise for both artists whose work spans across numerous collaborations, including film and dance. Metallic and feral, murky and sharp, the debut four song EP Dorothy feels alive and impervious to current musical trends, making it an exciting debut for the duo who have teased their collaboration with a single and title track for Hiro Kone’s 2018 album Pure Expenditure (Dais Records).

Wildly unhinged, “Pure Expenditure” garnered a lot of enthusiasm for the pair. Following its success, they formed officially as a band, debuting their first official track “DIN DIAN”, an unrelenting and at times humorous attack on expectation, for Berlin Atonal’s 2020 box set More Light.

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