Hiro Kone

Booking Agent : Giorgio Salmoiraghi & Ricky Biondetti

Hiro Kone is the alias of Nicky Mao, a New York based musician and producer. She uses a combination of hardware, synths, and modular to cultivate her sound – a visceral meditation on rhythm, noise, and melody that has seen her release on leading experimental labels including Dais Records and BANK Records. No stranger to manipulating macabre disorientations into enchanting new shapes, her music exposes the unsettling and sublime. She is known to draw upon a combination of modular synthesis, noise and live instrumentation. Instinctively responding to the precariousness of humanity, Kone’s cascades of twisted recordings find an inherent partner in the effervescent current of synthesis and, in the process, forge new terrains. Her latest release, Silvercoat the throng released on DAIS captures Hiro Kone at the peak of her powers, alchemizing disruption and decomposition into regenerative interior worlds: “Within the darkness and absence is an opportunity for discovery.”

Hiro Kone’s range is exhibited throughout her collaborations, which include Drew McDowall, Speaker Music, group A, Enxin/Onyx and Muqata’a amongst others. And further illuminated in appearances at The Museum of Modern Art, ICA London, Lobe Spatial Sound Studio and artist residences at Pioneer Works in New York and the prestigious EMS studios in Stockholm. She has performed globally and is a fixture at cutting-edge electronic events including Sustain-Release, Dark Mofo, Rewire and Berlin Atonal.



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