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s.a.t.i.n (aka Satin, from London/ Berlin) is the new project of Under My Feet.’s founder Ireen Amnes and Ash Luk (Infinity Division fka Minimal Violence).

Both coming from bands background, Luk and Amnes’ style fuses elements of metal and punk into electronic deconstructed beats and industrial delivering a fully charged live show reminiscent more of a concert rather than a club experience. Their powerful debut at Berlin’s Kraftwerk was received with much excitement as they engaged the crowd with in your face vocals and punishing bass descending into a crescendo of doom.

The live set drifts through a vast degree of soundscapes showcasing the duos diverse interests and influences.

s.a.t.i.n is due to release its first EP via Never Sleep out in May 2024; alongside a contribution to the VA out on Fabric Records as well as a compilation curated by JakoJako for AirTexture.

From Boomkat:

Melodramatic hardcore rave and punk thrash split from S.A.T.I.N. & Urin, on the line between Violent Magic Orchestra and Atari Teenage Riot:< soundtrack to fantasy cyberpunk cosplay weekends in Berlin, ‘Mere desire is not enough’ throws down a gauntlet of gnashing rave from S.A.T.I.N. clashing Urin’s s-punkier toss. The former unleashes pieces of tension-rising drama in ‘Swallowed Whole’, priming for the raging thrust of ‘Dirt’ and recoiling NIN-style industrial of ‘Nothing is Real’.

The latter ramps the punky gabber vibe somewhere adjacent DJ Scud’s ‘Jackboots and Birds’ or ATR’s ’60 Second Wipeout’ with white hot flashes of abused guitar chained to inverted kicks and noise in ‘Szczur’, the two grindcore-length shillings of ‘Szybciej (Speedy)’ and ‘Kolejna Blizna’, and rowdy gabber circle mosher ‘Sama Chec Nie Wystarczy’.

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Date City Venue Country
05/07/24 Gallneukirchen Klangfestival Austria

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