Booking Agent : Marco Portello & Giorgio Salmoiraghi

s.a.t.i.n (aka Satin, from London) is the new project of UnderMyFeet’s founder Ireen Amnes alongside Ash Luk (infinity division / minimal violence).

Both coming from bands background, Ash and Amnes’ style fuses elements of metal and punk into electronic deconstructed beats and industrial delivering a fully charged live show reminiscent more of a concert rather than a club experience. Their powerful debut at Berlin’s Kraftwerk was received with much excitement as they engaged the crowd with in your face vocals and punishing bass descending into a crescendo of doom.

The live set drifts through a vast degree of soundscapes showcasing the duos diverse interests and influences.

Two releases will come over the course of summer 2023.

ireen amnes
ash luk
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No shows booked at the moment.

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