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Plattenbau takes you to the basement of your soul, drains the swamp of the collective unconscious and presses it into symmetrical shapes, easily digestible for the modern consumer. They are NOT, as some have claimed, a cult or a corporation, nor are they nihilists. They are 4 international individuals who met in Berlin, Germany and bonded over punk records, arthouse cinema and the occult.

Perhaps best summed up in their company slogan “Tight, loose and evilTM” their sound ranges from noise rock to new wave with arrangements akin to krautrock and even techno – owing theirinfluences as much to the clubs as to guitar music. Despite this, all their songs have a distinctly pop element of catchy hook lines and tight arrangements. “I guess it’s a rock band” drawls Lloyd, when asked the nth time to describe genre. “It sounds a bit like the soundtrack to a German VHS horror movie from the early 90s, including commercial breaks.” The Korg M1, a mainstay of 90s series and commercial soundtracks, makes up a heavy portion of the sound with glistening chorus strings and paranoid voice pads, while Brandon Walsh’s robotic drums and Sally Brown’s intricate jangly basslines form the foundations for Lewis Lloyd’s dark baritone vocals and Jesper Munk’s mystical noise guitars.

Plattenbau [commie block in German] like all of us, was brought up in a box, and is trying to make sense of the world in the 21st century. Their ultimate aim and purpose is to identify the cracks in the 4-walled concept of modern society and bust it open.

In 2022, Plattenbau released their second album “Shape / Shifting” on Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers/Death By Audio) label Dedstrange, joining APTBS on a roster with fellow Berlin punks Jealous and Data Animal. They played a sold out release show at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, supported APTBS for 12 shows of their European tour and went on to play EU Headline shows and festivals (including Fusion Festival and Waves Vienna). Plattenbau have started 2023 with a number of live shows including supporting APTBS again in both Berlin and New York City, and performances at the SXSW and New Colossus festivals. “Net Prophet”, the band’s 3rd studio record, releases September 8th 2023 on Dedstrange.



Date City Venue Country
25/05/24 Monheim Draussen Tanzen Festival Germany
29/08/24 Berlin Popkultur Festival Germany
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06/09/24 Offenbach Riviera Festival Germany
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13/09/24 - 15/09/24 Dresden Sound of Brokow Festival Germany
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