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Midwife is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston. She lives and works in San Miguel, New Mexico by way of Denver, Colorado, where she spent the better half of the past decade developing her experimental pop project. As a self taught guitarist and recording engineer, Midwife explores dark subject matter in her anthemic, soft-gaze hits. Self-described as “Heaven Metal,” or emotive music about devastation – catharsis.

When 2020 began, Johnston had several national and international tours planned, but the pandemic shifted her focus back to recording, and back to her internal landscape. Midwife’s third full length record, Luminol, was written and produced during quarantine. Luminol is a chemical used by forensic investigators to reveal trace amounts of blood left at a crime scene. When it reacts with blood, luminol emits a chemiluminescent blue glow that can be seen in a darkened room. In the same way this chemical reveals evidence at a scene, Midwife is interested in profound truth – turning trial and tribulation into sources of light.

Luminol navigates themes of incarceration, locus of control, clarity, self harm, confinement, agency, and truthseeking, all erupting in a bioluminescent Rothko color-field of blue. Luminol (out now on The Flenser) features collaborations from Tucker Theodore, Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya), Zachary Cole Smith, Ben Newman, and Colin Caulfield (DIIV), and Dan Barrett (Have A Nice Life).

In 2021, Midwife toured alongside names like Deafheaven, Bambara and Nothing.



Date City Venue Country
07/10/22 Porto Amplifest Portugal
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09/10/22 Barcelona AMFest Spain
w/ Anna Von Hausswolff Buy Tickets
10/10/22 Paris L’international France
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11/10/22 Angers Jokers France
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12/10/22 Brussels Botanique Belgium
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14/10/22 Ramsgate Ramsgate Music Hall United Kingdom
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15/10/22 Nottingham The Chamaleons United Kingdom
16/10/22 Glasgow The Hug and Pint United Kingdom
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17/10/22 Manchester Yes United Kingdom
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18/10/22 London Cafè Oto United Kingdom
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20/10/22 Groningen VERA Netherlands
w Jozef Van Wissem Buy Tickets
21/10/22 Berlin Urban Spree Germany
w Emme Moises
22/10/22 Warsaw Chmury Poland
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23/10/22 Brno Kabinet Múz Czech Republic
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24/10/22 Prague Nová Libeňská Synagoga Czech Republic
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25/10/22 Dresden Container Germany
27/10/22 Nurnberg Musikverein Germany
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28/10/22 Köln Blue Shell Germany
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29/10/22 Utrecht EKKO Netherlands
w Jozef Van Wissem, Mai Mai Mai Buy Tickets
30/10/22 Tilburg 013 Netherlands
w Jozef Van Wissem Buy Tickets
31/10/22 Karlsruhe Dude Fest Germany
Halloween Dudefest / Jubez Karlsruhe

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