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The mysterious Dark Rock band (DOLCH) from Berlin, who are known for their ability to blend Doom & Black Metal elements with Gothic Rock, Pop and Ambient, are often compared to DEAD CAN DANCE.
A dagger in a triangle, verbalized as “(DOLCH)”, presents sustained music for the heart, soul and brain. Pushing forward the art instead of any “-ism”, the listener may find the genre on her or his own.
The people behind the project are friendly to cats and to all other kind beings.
Their full-length debut album named Feuer (released 11/2019), which is the first of a three part-album cycle (all to be released in 2020), named Feuer, Nacht & Tod, was produced by Michael Zech and mastered by V. Santura in Woodshed Studios.
Several live apperances could be realized up to this point on single- and festival shows (e.g. Acherontic Arts Fest), same as on a European tour with The Ruins Of Beverast and King Dude in 2017.

Demo I & II (2015)
Riding with the King Split 7” with King Dude (2016)
7” Dagger Moon/ An den Mond (2017)
Demo III- Songs of Happiness… Words of Praise (2017)
Feuer (2019)
All releases through Ván Records and Totenmusik.



Date City Venue Country
11/11/21 Reykjavik Ascension Fest Iceland
08/01/22 Münich Backstage Germany
Fall Of Men Fest

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