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The mysterious Dark Rock band (DOLCH) from Berlin are known for their ability to blend Doom & Black Metal elements with Gothic Rock, Pop and Ambient in a mesmerizing way.
A dagger in a triangle, verbalized as “(DOLCH)”, presents sustained music for the heart, soul and brain. Pushing forward the art instead of any “-ism”, the listener may find the genre on her or his own.
The people behind the project are friendly to cats and to all other kind beings.
Their full-length debut album named Feuer (released 11/2019), which is the first of a three part-album cycle, named Feuer, Nacht & Tod, was produced by Michael Zech and mastered by V. Santura in Woodshed Studios. The second album Nacht will be released in February 2022.
Several live apperances could be realized up to this point on single- and festival shows (e.g. Acherontic Arts Fest), same as on a European tour with The Ruins Of Beverast and King Dude in 2017.

Demo I & II (2015)
Riding with the King Split 7” with King Dude (2016)
7” Dagger Moon/ An den Mond (2017)
Demo III- Songs of Happiness… Words of Praise (2017)
Feuer LP (2019)
Digitale Tanzmusik Vol. 1 EP (2020)
Tonight EP (2021)
Nacht LP (2022)
All releases through Ván Records and Totenmusik.



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