Das Ding

Booking Agent : Nikita Netrebko & Ricky Biondetti

Das Ding is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early eighties releasing his music and the music of friends through his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. While studying graphic design at the art academy, he designed all tape covers himself. Meanwhile, he recorded his own music as Das Ding. Powerful, dark electro, some songs quite addictive and danceable while others are more for home listening pleasure.

In 2007, ‘433rpm’, from the extensive music blog ‘No Longer Forgotten Music’, posted some of his old Das Ding tapes, and Veronica Vasicka, who runs the New York-based ‘Minimal Wave’ label and specializes in reissues of 1980s synth-wave – contacted Danny to propose the release of a Das Ding album. Old tapes were recovered and Minimal Wave released a remastered version of ‘HSTA’ and other tracks in 2010. Renewed interest followed the record’s release and requests for live shows soon arrived. Twenty years later, and after some deliberation, Das Ding was reincarnated under its old name, but now with a revised line-up and set-up that reflected the inevitable change in technology. Das Ding is now considered a ‘Dutch electro pioneer’ and the apparent pinnacle of ‘Minimal Wave’.

We are now over 17 records and cassettes and plenty of international performances further, and after a successful tour through North, Central and South America sharing the stage with the Jesus and Mary Chain, Boy Harsher, A Split Second, Ms. . Boan, Gris Futuro, Das Ding is playing at such festivals as Grauzone, Ombra Festival and Black! Factory.



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