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Formed in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, WHORES. has established themselves as one of the most successful and motivated bands in the noise-rock genre today. Elements of Helmet, Melvins, and the Amphetamine Reptile roster can be heard throughout their catalog, but Whores. are no regurgitated throwback act. Through intense, cathartic live performances and the perfected aggressive tenacity present on their recordings, the band has gained a fervent following sure to do nothing but grow in the years to come.

October 28, 2016 saw the band’s first full-length album and their debut on eOne records, GOLD. The album was widely praised, garnering spots in the top ten on album of the year lists through publications such as Rolling Stone, MetalSucks, Heavy Planet, Invisible
Oranges, Shiny Grey Monotone, and more. Prior to their signing with eOne, WHORES.’ output included two, now-classic, EPs. “RUINER.” released December 20, 2011, put the band on the map and is now on its eighth pressing. They followed this up with the even-more popular CLEAN. released October 29, 2013 and now on its eleventh pressing. Between these and GOLD. the band released a split of covers by The Cure with Rabbits, and contributed the song “Bloody Like the Day You Were Born” to Amphetamine Reptile’s Dope-Guns-’N-Fucking in The Streets, Volume 13. WHORES. also contributed the track “Flag Day” to Amphetamine Reptile’s Bash ‘17 alongside acts such as The Melvins, Mudhoney, Lydia Lunch, and Cherubs.
In the wake of RUINER, CLEAN, and GOLD the noise juggernauts return with a fierce new LP WAR., which sees release via The Ghost Is Clear Records (Chat Pile,Nerver, etc.) on April 16, already in its third pressing. Pre-order it here.This album brings American muscle to drown out the “American dream” as it careens into the ditch. Brazen rhythms, serpentine riffs, walls of feedback, and howls of contempt — the band is as rowdy and boisterous as it is anxious and savage.



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