Verset Zero

Booking Agent : Wade Black

The genesis of Verset Zero was born in the abyss of electronic music. He travels the world reasoning this raw violence in the depths of modern cities. But weariness came to him… A metamorphosis was necessary. A return to the roots, but in an avant-garde perspective.

A primitive melancholy had seized his soul. His vision and ambitions had changed. Verset Zero would no longer be noise electronic music for the underground scene, but a violent, deep and elegant Post-Metal project. This musical transition was made through the album «Kerygma» (Instrument of Discipline) , sailing between Doom Industriel and Black Metal influences.

He was then invited to the Major Arcana event organized by the duo Fortifem, alongside Nostromo and Dehn Sora, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber and Hangman’s Chair as well as Perturbator and Alcest. He then travelled around Europe for the «Kerygma Tour» supporting Primitive Man and Trepaneringsritualen.

«Phantasma» his new album pushes the nail, inviting on this project Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak), Perturbator, and Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb) to propose a dark, melancholic and violent album flirting with many aspects of Post-Metal. It is following the release of the first single that we will find Verset Zero on stage alongside Ho99o9, with whom he will later collaborate for a featuring track on their Ep «Turf talk vol. 2» But also on the poster of edition 26 of the Brutal Assault.

Strings tremble heavily as a cavernous and tortured voice tear, the rhythm is martial, weighing as the last steps of a man before his fall to infinity. A declaration of love dismembered by darkness. The notion of global art remains crucial, forged through various elements forming a single ruthless image. Hell opens beneath our feet as the unholy death knell rings. Before our eyes, the standards of an ancient doctrine… magisterial altar for a faceless preacher, everything is black, as if sadness were to last forever.



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