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From Vancouver scene stalwart to underground party globetrotter, Venetta is electrifying clubs across Europe and the United States with her patently high-velocity mixes that have caught the attention of outlets like Crack Magazine and Berghain’s Panorama Bar.

Drawing from a far-reaching library of genres, Venetta’s mixes don’t sit nicely within most dancefloor expectations. She takes on a gutsy, yet provocative approach with her selection, blending anything from techno and electro to global club and rap, all with the aim of shocking the dancefloor with an unrelenting sonic blitzkrieg.

Her style is climactic, often rife with dissociative sensations— a nod to her fascination with psychological thrillers and the way their soundtracks oscillate between high and low pitches, frequently changing tempos to heighten their dramatic edge. It’s no surprise Venetta’s mixes have appeared regularly across top-tier publications like FACT Mag and Resident Advisor.

Growing up in an Ethiopian household opened a rich musical world early on to Venetta, notably to genres like Ethio-Jazz, modern Ethiopian music that often-blended folk, electronica, and dub, and traditional music known for its harmonic twists and vertiginous tonalities – a stylistic blueprint that Venetta draws on frequently in her sets today.

Fast-forward to this 2023, after only 1 year in the EU Venetta has been busy debuting across all corners of the international club circuit, including appearances at acclaimed venues like Berghain’s Panorama Bar, De School Amsterdam and Boiler Room and marking her attendance across a bevy European festivals such as Opera hosted by Mykki Blanco and Flow Festival in Helsinki. Her unparalleled sound and energy called her to spin for brands such as Shayne Oliver and Courrèges and drew a solo show for Germany’s esteemed Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Berlin’s Electronic Beats Festival. October saw Venetta wrapped an exciting month across Asia debuting her first Asia tour hitting sought after clubs such as Final, Oil, Zhaodai and Heim.

If one thing’s certain, Venetta is a trailblazing DJ talent, geared up for the club with a barrage of unexpected blends that keep even the most adept partiers on their toes.

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