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Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Diego Bustamante
Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

Powerplant (UA/UK) occurs somewhere in the shadows of synth and post-punk that produces material both ‘sad & happy’, but always dark in both the music and looks. The kind of dark you get at about 9:30pm on a Summer day.

Once a solitary bedroom project of Ukrainian Theo Zhykharyev, that found its footing on the Internet and grew meat around the bone, becoming a full animated live band of London’s best, when joined by members of UK hardcore scene and experimental sound artists.

Powerplant’s sound is ever evolving, stretching from early lo-fi garage-punk recordings, straight synth-punk ‘People in the Sun’ LP to post-punk ‘A Spine / Evidence’ EP and this year’s unexpected hour long dungeon synth release ‘Stump Soup’. So, come smell the synthesisers sizzle, hear fast precise drums – 100% live, jumpy giddy bass and a little guitar to go with unintelligible, yet mesmerising oral performance! This could be just your kind of thing! And all, all this to walk with our heads high and hearts light. Or at least try. To better days!



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