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Margaret Chardiet is an interdisciplinary sound artist born and based in New York City. Raised by underground musicians and artists, Margaret was surrounded by a collective of the city’s impassioned, cultural detritus. Instead of following a path of higher education, she began the experimental project Pharmakon in 2006, at the age of 16. Pharmakon as a project, entity, and process, has evolved and exists in true protean form, developing alongside (or more so within) Margaret’s personal experience and auto-didactic philosophies. Her work as a whole is a forced self-possession, a celebration of ferality and viscereality, which performatively abandons a society that has never accepted anything it couldn’t also exploit.

Chardiet uses electronic synthesis as a tool to transfer this self-possession physiologically and intra-spatially into the bodies of their audience. Timbre becomes temper. Ferality, a social contagion or biorhythm. Margaret has also played in numerous punk groups that extend out to a greater international D.I.Y. music community, and has composed score and original music for the films Transfiguration (2017), and Sound of Metal (2019).



Date City Venue Country
29/09/24 Innsbruck PMK Austria
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01/10/24 Zürich Dynamo Zürich Switzerland
02/10/24 Frankfurt Städelschule Germany
03/10/24 Hamburg Hafenklang Germany
05/10/24 Uppsala Otherworldly Sweden
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06/10/24 Oslo Goldie Norway
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07/10/24 Jönköping The Hush Hush Club Sweden
08/10/24 Gothenburg Oceanen Sweden
09/10/24 Copenhagen Loppen Denmark
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11/10/24 Nijmegen Soulcrusher Festival Netherlands
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11/10/24 Nijmegen Soulcrusher Festival Netherlands
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12/10/24 Bruxelles M4 Belgium
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13/10/24 London UNDERWORLD United Kingdom
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15/10/24 Dunkerque 4 Écluses France
17/10/24 Berlin Cassiopeia Germany
18/10/24 Poznan Pawilon Nowa Gazownia Poland
19/10/24 Lodz Klub UV Poland
20/10/24 Prague Bike Jesus Czech Republic
21/10/24 Brno Kabinet Múz Czech Republic
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22/10/24 Budapest Instant Hungary
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23/10/24 Lubljana Gromka Slovenia
26/10/24 Bologna Improved Sequence II Festival Italy

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