Booking Agent : Diego Bustamante
Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

THEY COME FROM NANCY MOMMY! The core of Nancy’s sound is high-energy punk with a glammy, power-pop edge. The glam rock twinge to the guitar-playing and the vocal melodies makes me think of the Boys or Protex, but Nancy’s hyperactive tempos are more akin to the Dickies and the Jabbers, and the songwriting is in the same league as all those great bands. If the Nancy boys just strung together their classic bunch of punk bangers it would still be killer, but there’s also this whole other level to the Nancy experience. Nancy has an off the wall sense of humor that ranges from the satirical to the silly to the surreal. There are very few bands out there who will make you smile and get you excited the way Nancy does, especially when watching them rip through their raucous live set. There are a lot of options out there for dumb, sing-songy punk, but Nancy are right at the top of the heap. I mean, it’s your basic Ramones rip off (though their newer stuff is a hair more musically sophisticated and borders on power pop), but the execution is completely flawless and the gleeful sense of absurdity is totally infectious. I mean, this is the band that has their own sea shanty!



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