Maggot Heart

Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti
Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

Berlin trio MAGGOT HEART is the brainchild of Swedish guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Linnéa Olsson (ex-GRAVE PLEASURES, ex-THE OATH). Completed by bassist Olivia Airey and drummer Uno Bruniusson (ex-IN SOLITUDE, ex-GRAVE PLEASURES and more), MAGGOT HEART has become a much talked-about force in the rock scene with their extensive touring (alongside bands like EARTHLESS and VOIVOD), cross-over hard rock sound, and punk ethos. Picking up where they left off with the success of “Mercy Machine” in 2020, and a brand new EP – expect a ferocious blend of proto-punk swagger and noise rock jangle.



No shows booked at the moment.

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