Booking Agent : Greg Feller

A musical tempest of vehemence and craft. Craving squalls and despairing breaths prayed in wails of ancient psalms. “Funeral Seas” is the powerful and raw second full length, which is released by Ván Records in October 2018. All seven songs progress high intensity. “Funeral Seas” is blackmetal hypnosis in blend with doom invocation. Kalmen is doomed psychedelic blackmetal from Dresden/Berlin/Halle in Germany.
After releasing their self-produced Demo “Kalmen” in 2011, the first full length album “Course Hex” was released by Ván Records in fall 2015. Kalmen manifests their cold and cloudy musical fondness within five songs full of berserk doom riffing and blazing black metal assaults. A duskier trip into hypnotic soundscapes and deep oceans of spiritual blackness.
The band played renowned festivals like Acherontic Arts, toured Europe and is up for live-bookings to drown more stages in their powerful, emotional and psychedelic sound.



No shows booked at the moment.

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