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Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

A distinct sound is made when freshly polished Dr. Marten boots crunch through the snow in the frozen tundra of northern Canada. When the hum of traffic is low the boots make a hard rhythm on the cold concrete. Welcome to HOME FRONT, a beat and a sound unique to a working class city like Edmonton, Alberta. For seasoned DIY Punk musicians Graeme MacKinnon (No Problem//Wednesday Night Heroes) & Clint Frazier (Shout Out Out Out Out/Wet Secrets/ Physical Copies) Home Front is the place, the medium, the perfect clash of Oi! Punk with 80s Synth Pop to create the new style of shoe gaze, or in this case, Boot Gaze.

GAMES OF POWER, Home Front’s debut full length on North London’s LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS is the document, the main course to 2021’s Think of the Lie six song appetizer, the summation of making music during a global pandemic and political unrest. In a province like Alberta, Home Front is the alternative, a focus for a different future. With the help of Polaris Prize winning producer Jonah Falco (Fucked Up/Career Suicide/Jade Hairpins) and Canadian Juno nominated Nik Kozub (Shout Out Out Out Out), Home Front have achieved a sound that takes nods from later BLITZ, early NEW ORDER & THE CURE and fuses it with their geography. Home Front’s sound is beautifully flawed, but what original music isn’t? RAMONES. STOOGES. SUICIDE. JOY DIVISION. All of these shouldn’t work but do and so does Home Front and their new wave of Boot Gaze.

Pounding drum machines with Clint Frazier’s sweeping synth hooks, Ian Rowley’s clanging guitars, Brandi Strauss & Warren Oostlander’s bulldozer bass & drum rhythm section drive the sonic assault of Home Front’s live show. With high flying kicks, Graeme MacKinnon prowls the stage like a panther, bringing a ferocity uncommon in today’s Post Punk scene. Playing sold out shows across Canada with bands like FUCKED UP, S.H.I.T & CHAIN WHIP as well as crushing audiences overseas at last year’s Static Shock in London. Home Front are prepared to take on the world one stage at a time.



Date City Venue Country
28/10/23 London New River Studios United Kingdom
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29/10/23 Newcastle Upon Tyne Lubber Fiend United Kingdom
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30/10/23 Manchester Yes United Kingdom
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31/10/23 Glasgow Mono United Kingdom
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01/11/23 Sheffield Lughole United Kingdom
02/11/23 Bristol RoughTrade United Kingdom
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03/11/23 Barcelona Upload Spain
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04/11/23 Tolouse l’Engrenage France
05/11/23 Paris Mecanique Ondulatoire France
06/11/23 Lille Brat Cave France
07/11/23 Antwerp Cafe Cabron Belgium
08/11/23 Bochum Die Trompete Germany
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09/11/23 Hamburg Hafenklang Germany
10/11/23 Berlin Clash Germany
11/11/23 Leipzig ZxRx Germany
12/11/23 Dresden Chemiefabrik Germany
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14/11/23 Prague Bike Jesus Czech Republic
15/11/23 Wien Venster99 Austria
16/11/23 Bratislava Pink Whale Slovenia
17/11/23 Munich Cafe Kult Germany
18/11/23 Frankfurt ExZess Germany

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