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Ren Schofield’s long running electronic project Container returns with his first release since the Creamer EP in 2021. Rolling straight out of the pandemic Schofield has since played a large number of live shows all over the planet, rilling up audiences with a heady mix of method and mania. Now is the time to unleash a new studio offering.
Yacker presents what is undoubtedly an electronic record but one imbued with a spirit more aligned with rock music. Always hijacking the electronic music scene for his own unique and twisted path here we see a further extrapolation on his original blueprint for DIY noise techno adding a more physical and muscular edge to the standard hysterical proceedings. The drums retain an almost human, somewhat muscular feel with a sweaty and suggestive ‘real drums’ feeling.
Schofield cites inspiration on Yacker as the Nirvana song ‘Oh, The Guilt’, the Mindflayer album ‘It’s Always 1999’, and the Rah Bras song ‘Sooop Toe Pump Girls’. Container has always danced the absurd space between serious and stupid, with Yacker all elements are turned up to eleven as he delivers a pristine field guide to furious frenzied fun.
Yacker strikes an even balance between heavy, relentless, joyful, silly, and sloppy. Think Lollapalooza 1996 held at Berghain 2006 and you are somewhere on the way to formulating this fresh new insanity from one of the contemporary electronic music scene’s more playful pioneers.



Date City Venue Country
18/08/24 London Schaklewell Arms United Kingdom
24/08/24 Falmouth Fish Factory United Kingdom
21/09/24 Bristol Island United Kingdom
12/10/24 Glasgow The Flying Duck United Kingdom
23/10/24 Geneva Cave12 Switzerland
25/10/24 Milano Cox 18 Italy
26/10/24 Bologna TPO Italy
09/11/24 Munich Import Export Germany
06/12/24 Dudingen Bad Bonn Switzerland
07/12/24 St Gallen Palace Switzerland

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