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Rightfully hailed as “the noisiest pop music on the planet” by Pitchfork, Austin, TX’s cult noise
rock trio CHERUBS have been purveyors of sonic bedlam since their inception in 1991.
After an unforeseen return to the scene from a two-decade hiatus in 2014, the CHERUBS have now joined forces with the equally revered Relapse Records for the release of their fifth long-player Inmaculada High.
Recorded and engineered by Erik Wofford (Explosions in the Sky, TheBlack Angels, My Morning Jacket) at Cacophony Studio in Austin, Inmaculada High is 11 songs of signature CHERUBS clamor with an added twist of Texas-sized, psychedelic racket.
Smooth, rumbling low-end rhythms interplay with feedback drenched, chuggin’ guitars, relentless tone and vocalist Kevin Whitley’s shrill, life-of-the-LSD-party vocals.
On Immaculada High, CHERUBS loudly proclaim their title as bonafide noise rock legends who continue to forge transgressive yet remarkably accessible punk for a jaded world.
Following Immaculada High, CHERUSB tapped Brutal Panda Records to reissue their legendary catalog including a remastered version of Icing, the band’s iconic debut.
Heroin Man (1994’s noise rock masterpiece) and 2 Ynfynyty (the triumphant comeback album) are also back in circulation to rattle speakers and fry brains.
The cacophony legacy of CHERUBS is now readily available for all to experience…and far from finished.

“The Noisiest pop music on the planet.” – PITCHFORK
“What is good may never die but rises again harder and stronger. In the early 1990s, this
Texas-based three piece was good – an eight ball of sprawling energy churning out tunes that
were as catch as they were chaotic…five years ago, they plugged back in and resumed
cranking out their uniquely layers melange of stoner’s delight, dirtbag blues and stygian grooves
as if not a day had passed.” – NEW YORK TIMES
“Cherubs are sprouting from adversity with a gritty throwback sound tinged with influences of
hardcore, pop and the noise rock that they started with” – ALT PRESS
“Cherubs look around their world and roll their collective eyes, but there’s a cheerful wave to the
band’s destruction – the what-do-you-expect rumbles of a charging rhino rather than the
malevolent precision of a panzer strike” – AUSTIN CHRONICLE



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