Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti, Marco Portello & Giorgio Salmoiraghi

Dennis Lyxzén – vocal and effects
Mats Gustafsson – saxophones, flutes and live electronics
Magnus Flagge – bass
David Sandström – drums and electronics

A new ensemble with their roots in HC, Punk, Noise and Free Jazz. All members from Umeå. 3 of us with roots in the original version of Refused and one with starting points in the jazz-rock ensemble Nirvana (1980).

Anti fascist, anti racists free form death – jazz – in the memory of Lars Lystedt – Backengrillen arrives with new perspectives on jazz. And punk.

With a solid and yet varied background in the creativities of Refused, TEXT, INVSN, Fire! Orchestra, The International Noise Conspiracy, The End, Serpent, The Thing, Final Exit and other classic jazz combos we will now start our journey of 4 colliding locomotives, creating a new form of beauty and energy.

In-your-face HC jazz inspired by The Cramps, Little Richard, Albert Ayler, Polly Bradfield, Entombed, John Zorn, Misfits, Stooges, Lars Gullin, Can and much more.

backengrillen on metal injection
backengrillen on the prp


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