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USNEA arose from the murky forests of Portland, OR in late 2011 from the cerebral minds of Justin Cory (Guitar & Vocals), Johnny Lovingood (Guitar), Zeke Rogers (Drums), and Joel Williams (Bass & Vocals). The quartet has proven to be a seismic level force of destructive creativity with a massive yet meditative sound, masterfully crafted songwriting, and a clear yet non-derivative influence from doom legends such as Disembowelment, My Dying Bride, Evoken, and YOB.

In February 2013 they released their eponymous debut record on Roger’s own label Orca Wolf Records. Following a 7” EP split with Germany’s Ruins, USNEA signed to Relapse Records and released ‘Random Cosmic Violence’ in November 2014. The record’s immense presence instantly elevated USNEA to the forefront of the blossoming American doom scene. Stereogum referred to ‘Random Cosmic Violence’ as having a “Floydian vastness that both balances and amplifies the overwhelming, crushing heaviness. Like the night sky itself, it’s full of terror and awe and ice and fire. It is a massive, monumental thing.” USNEA toured the U.S. and Europe in support of the record alongside veteran acts like Ufomammut and Inverloch and performances at notable festivals including Maryland Deathfest, Roadburn, Psycho Las Vegas, Northwest Terror Fest, Up In Smoke, and Blow Up Fest.

USNEA returned with their third full-length album, ‘Portals Into Futility’, in September 2017. The record was inspired by dystopian science-fiction and showcased an evolved sound of strength and dynamism merging the worlds of dissonant death metal, varied vocal structures, and cinematic composition, all while maintaining the monumental heaviness, brutality, discord, anger, and mournful melodicism of their previous work.

Over six years in the making, USNEA are back to unleash their fourth and most ambitious album, ‘Bathed in Light’ on Translation Loss. The band has incorporated expansive death-rock and post-punk-influenced vocal explorations, massive synthesizer textures, and a wider gamut of blackened-death dynamism across the doomed landscape of this record. As the detritus of human society continues to crumble before our eyes, USNEA are back, and they are heavier, angrier, and more engaged than ever before.



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