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Unsane are back with a new lineup and at Swamp we cannot be more excited. Unsane founding member, guitarist and vocalist Chris Spencer has also announced the launch of his own label Lamb Unlimited as a means to make the majority of the Unsane catalogue and other associated projects available under the same roof. Performances will focus especially on the historical Matador Records years, and early material from the first Lamb Unlimited release “Improvised Munitions”.

As Chris Spencer explains: “Improvised Munitions was recorded for Circuit Records in 1989, we thought it was our big break as Circuit was putting out up and coming bands like Cop Shoot Cop and Surgery. We gave the tapes to Ernie, the guy that ran Circuit, and following our approval of the test pressings Ernie disappeared. We were soon to learn that Ernie had a massive coke habit and had owed some drug dealers a shit ton of bucks. At the time, this was a huge let down. We (Unsane) managed to use a couple of tracks for singles, but while on tour my junky roommates stole all of my original early Unsane 7″ vinyls and the Circuit test pressing. The original Circuit record now seemed gone forever. We re-recorded some of the tracks to put on the first full length for Matador and soldiered on with non-stop touring. Years went by, and then I heard a rumor that someone actually had a copy of the test pressing. More than likely the one that my drug addled roommates had taken. Multiple leads led to a NYC collector (Jordan Mamone, thanks!) who had bought it at a used record store on the Lower East Side back in the day, and still had it in great condition. For me, it was crazy to hear it after all this time. We were able to transfer the vinyl and remaster it, and as hard as it is for me to believe, we will actually be able to get the record out.”

The Lamb Unlimited version also has four additional racks of super early Unsane demo material that Chris Spencer would use to go around to clubs like CBGB’s (see below), ABC No Rio and the Pyramid to try to get shows with. Intended for long-time followers of the band, this represents the very beginning of Unsane.

Later in 2021, additional vinyl releases will begin chronologically, with the self-titled Matador album being the 2nd vinyl release, and the singles collection to follow. Chris Spencer currently leads Human Impact, who record for Ipecac Records, and features Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop), Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop & Swans) and Christopher Pravdica (Swans &The Gunga Din). On October 9th, 2020 many Unsane (and Cutthroats 9) albums were made available digitally for the first time ever by Lamb Ulimited. The label is made possible with the help of Virtual Label and Leafy Green Management.

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