Nu Jazz

Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Luca Ciscognetti

NYC’s most transgressive and mysterious supergroup, Nu Jazz, synthesizes a decade plus of six unique, yet naturally interconnected musical journeys.

Some members have spent years in New York City’s experimental electronic scene, while others have dedicated the bulk of their musical lives pursuing what we call “Jazz”. Despite disparate influences, all are bound by a profound appreciation for musical frontiers that have yet to be explored, creating that which defies the limitations of genre.

The artists constituting the collective “Nu Jazz” have performed all over New York City, the United States and the world with their respective groups such as Deli Girls, Murderpact, CGI Jesus, Ex Wiish, Beshken, WRENS and The Beak Triol, sharing festival stages with luminaries like Jaimie Branch, Tomoki Sanders, Leya, Poncili Creacíon, Aquiles Navarro of Irreversible Entanglements and many others.

Their debut record “Vol. I” combines the sound of NYC electronic hardcore, unrestrained improvisation, and sample based modular synthesis techniques influenced by featured collaborator and keyboardist Jason Lindner of Bowie’s “Blackstar Orchestra”. Vast electronic soundscapes, extraterrestrial vocal textures and open improvisation submerged in raw punk swagger sets Nu Jazz apart from the rest.



Date City Venue Country
12/05/24 Gdansk Jazz Jantar Poland
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22/05/24 Berlin Trauma Bar Germany
23/05/24 Prague PUNCTUM Czech Republic
24/05/24 Wien Hyperreality Austria
26/05/24 Torino Jazz is dead! Italy
28/05/24 Cologne Baumann & Sohn Germany
29/05/24 Nurnberg Kantine Germany
30/05/24 Kusel Kinett Germany
31/05/24 Amsterdam OCCII Netherlands
01/06/24 Gent De Koer Belgium
03/06/24 London Cafè Oto United Kingdom
04/06/24 Liverpool Quarry Belgium
05/06/24 Preston Preston Jazz Festival United Kingdom
06/06/24 Manchester Yes United Kingdom
08/06/24 Paris La Station France

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