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Mortuous formed in 2009 from the ashes of Colin Tarvin’s previous project Funerealm in the hope of creating a new Death Metal band. He started writing music in the vein of Incantation, Autopsy, and Viogression with lyrics emphasizing heavily on philosophical views on death and anti-technological themes. Later that year he released the Demo, “Mors Immortalis”, on Skeleton Plague Records which received praise and recognition throughout the underground Death Metal community.

By 2010, Mortuous had a full lineup which included Col Jones and Mike Beams, previously of Exhumed, Al Tarvin-Kibler, and Nick Scarboro.  Mortuous saw the current lineup formation with the addition of Chad Gailey from Necrot on drums in 2014. They recorded their first Full-Length LP , “Through Wilderness”, which features eight new tracks of total Doom and Death Metal with nods to such bands as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Rottrevore, and diSEMBOWELMENT. “Through Wilderness” was released in June 2018 through Carbonized and Tankcrimes Records in the United States, Dawnbreed and Extremely Rotten Productions handled the European release respectfully.

Follow the same year ,  a split 7” record with Scolex which made its debut at Kill-Town Death Fest VI: The Resurrection! In 2019, Mortuous released a split 7” with Deform and made a few appearances at festivals such as Eternal Warfare, California Deathfest, Kill-Town Death Fest VII, and Decibel Metal and Beer Fest: Los Angeles!

The band make their first ever appearance in Mexico at “Total Death Over Mexico III” in Mexico City . On the same year of 2020, A Demo Compilation CD was also released  by Carbonized Records containing the band’s long out-of-print demos from 2009 and 2012.

The last opus  “Upon Desolation”, released in 2022 by Carbonized Records and Extremely Rotten Productions .

“Death/doom metal is a genre that has seen a number of quality releases in the last few years. Mortuous showed with Through Wilderness that they were able to write ragers that could compete with any of the other albums being released at the time. Now, with Upon Desolation, they have cemented their spot as one of the best purveyors of death/doom in the scene today. Fans of Autopsy, My Dying Bride, and Incantationwill find much to savour on this rotten slab of disgusting death metal.”



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