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Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Diego Bustamante
Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

US hardcore punk band formed in NYC in 2022. Vocals sung mostly in Italian, over music touching upon the darker side of 80’s Italian and Spanish hardcore punk. The demo tape “Immagini Postume” was released on Roachleg Records in 2022 in New York, with a 7″ pressing of it coming out this year on Discos Enfermos in Barcelona. The forthcoming 12″ 8 song EP “Legato Alla Rovina” is expected to be released in March of this year, also with Roachleg.

Their sound is unique, with the (mostly) Italian language vocals tying them to the rich history of Italian hardcore while the music draws on post-punk atmosphere and psychedelic texture without sounding like anything other than hardcore punk. The chorus on the guitar and the dark chord progressions make comparisons to spooky-sounding punk bands like Part 1 and Rudimentary Peni obvious, but Mirage really reminds me of Wretched’s last 12”, La Tua Morte Non Aspetta. Immagini Postume feels more interesting, exciting, and better-executed than most of the vinyl releases I hear these days, so if this is what Mirage is offering as their demo cassette, I’m very excited to see where they go from here. While we wait to find out, though, Immagini Postume will give us plenty to chew on.




Date City Venue Country
16/10/24 Nijmegen De Onderbroek Netherlands
17/10/24 Gent Trefpunt Belgium
18/10/24 Kortrijk The Pit’s Belgium
19/10/24 Paris Cirque Electrique France
20/10/24 Nantes Lune Froide France
22/10/24 Barcelona Meteoro Spain
23/10/24 Toulouse La Mécanique des Fluides France
24/10/24 Marseille L’Embobineuse France
26/10/24 Milano Gorizia Italy
27/10/24 Bologna DEV Italy
29/10/24 Vienna Cafe Carina Austria
30/10/24 Linz Kapu Austria
31/10/24 Prague Bike Jesus Czech Republic
01/11/24 Burghausen Lightning Bird Location Germany
02/11/24 Berlin Tommyhaus Germany

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