Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Alex Schmidt

The dynamic trio from Lisbon, comprising João (guitar), Tomás (bass), and Halison (drum + vox), made a significant impact on the Portuguese music scene with the release of their debut album on January 27, 2023. With their energetic performances that blend dance culture with heavy-hook songcraft, the band quickly gained a reputation among audiences. Drawing inspiration from repetition/minimalism-centered styles such as Krautrock and Industrial Techno, MAQUINA. fearlessly explores the boundaries of these genres by incorporating elements of rock and electronic music into their distinctive sound.

The album “DIRTY TRACKS FOR CLUBBING” showcases a mix of pulsating beats, scuzzy bass riffs, and noisy guitars, challenging norms and pushing the limits of conventional music. They have successfully carved out a distinctive identity in the music scene. One of the standout features of MAQUINA.’s live performances is their commitment to authenticity and musicality. Unlike many electronic acts that heavily rely on machines and programmed beats, this trio challenges convention by excluding the use of machines and clicks during their concerts. Instead, they embrace the raw power of live instruments, providing an electrifying experience that resonates with the audience on a deeper level.



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