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A little over a year since the release of their debut album, KNOLL have released their sophomore album, Metempiric. The breakneck speed of their release schedule is a testament to their unrelenting work ethic; Metempiric is a symbol of their dedication to exploring the nastiest crevices of extreme metal.

With other bands delaying albums and cancelling tours as a result of the global pandemic, KNOLL refused to accept inactivity as an option, recording and self-releasing their debut album, Interstice – which was received in early 2021 to critical acclaim. Never ones to rest easy, summer 2021 saw them release a split EP with Autolith. When the pandemic allowed, the band hit the road, with two extensive US tours now under their belts to show for it (and more lined up for this summer). The experiences they have crammed into the last 18 months have helped shape their ethos as a band, and refine their musicianship as they approached the recording of Metempiric.

Although writing started for their second album even before the first had been released, the intervening months allowed room for the songs to bloom and mutate. KNOLL cite their live experiences as having an impact on their own performances, increasing their confidence and kicking their ambition up another notch.

KNOLL indulges in a warped and blistering form of avant-death metal and grindcore, further pushed to extremity in their live realm. Eschewing record deals in favor of a more DIY approach, they are known for pressing and releasing their own records as well as having a deep hand in their touring affairs. The band can be seen touring extensively at almost any time of year and are reportedly working on a third full-length record, coming “sooner than you may expect.”





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