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Booking Agent Latin America : Diego Bustamante

Jeromes Dream formed during the burgeoning post-hardcore and emo era of the mid-90s, when a surge of new genres and subgenres spread like wildfire and would become the foundation of an entirely new music scene. Created in the basements of Connecticut in 1997, Jeromes Dream began as a result of personal uncertainty, instability, loss, and rage. Jeff Smith (bass, vocals) Nick Antonopoulos (guitar), and Erik Ratensperger (drums) created an aural violence in their dynamic and unpredictable songs. At that time, bands like Orchid, Reversal of Man, and pageninetynine were making similarly polemic music. But Jeromes Dream carved its own path and helped to define the subgenre that would come to be known as emo-violence.

In 2001, Jeromes Dream recorded and released their final record “Presents” before disbanding that same year. “Presents” was a deliberate departure from anything the band did previously, which included a more refined and technical sound and new vocal stylings from singer Jeff Smith. On “Presents” Jeromes Dream felt that they were creatively in uncharted territory, and embraced it throughout the writing process. It was a liberating time for the band, and they did not adhere to rules or preconceived notions as to how the album “should” sound. “Presents” was simultaneously cynical and personal, and yet still drew from the depths of their collective creative expression. Jeromes Dream development of “Presents” culminated in early 2001 when they worked with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, bringing the record to life before being released. “Presents” remains an important installation of Jeromes Dream, and a work that they remain proud of.

In 2018, Jeromes Dream announced they would reunite and begin writing a new record.. The response was overwhelming, with fans from around the world hailing the reunion. In March 2019 the band entered the studio and created a 12-song untitled LP, which they released on their own label, Microspy. Shortly after the LP release, Jeromes Dream became a fully active band again and spent the better part of the following year on tour with the likes of Loma Prieta, Gouge Away, Soul Glo, and Touché Amoré before everything halted with the pandemic.

Fast forward to 2023 and JD will release a brand new full-length album this summer along with tours across the world.



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