Helen Money

Booking Agent : Federico Zanatta

Helen Money stands as one of the most unique and versatile cellists working today. Composer Alison Chesley uses the instrument to access and channel the extremities of human emotion, employing extensive sonic manipulation and an array of plucking and bowing techniques to summon an astonishing breadth and depth of sound. A prolific collaborator, Chesley is equally at home in both New Music and Metal circles. Past albums saw her collaborate with Jason Roeder (Sleep/Neurosis) and Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s), and she has toured extensively with Shellac, Russian Circles, Earth, Bob Mould and MONO.
Both Portishead and Shellac selected her for their respective All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals.
Her latest solo album “Atomic” was released in 2020 via Thrill Jockey, while in April 2023 the Chicago based cult label released Trace, a collaboration with Will Thomas: together, the duo wield sound with inquisitive aplomb, burrowing into each other’s sonic aesthetics and unearthing irrefutable beauty.



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