Booking Agent :  Marie Leclère

A new voice steps forward to put our concerns and frustrations into words; that voice is GUILTLESS. Embodied by Billy Graves (Generation Of Vipers) on drums, Dan Hawkins (A Storm Of Light) on guitar and noise, Sacha Dunable (Intronaut) on bass, and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light, Battle Of Mice, Neurosis’ former visual artist) on guitar, vocals, and noise, the band was born from a love of experimental rock, noise rock, early industrial, sludge, and doom.

GUILTLESS creates apocalyptic soundscapes in their imaginings of the surreal return to proto-human society, as well as what life might be like for the survivors of the next mass extinction event on Thorns. Human singularity, a third world war, scorching deserts, rising seas – it’s all coming for us. We’re all guiltless. We’re all blameless. Through this cycle of destruction and rebirth, GUILTLESS believes that art and music can give us solace or help us exercise our demons.



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