freddie Murphy

Booking Agent : Federico Zanatta

freddie Murphy is a sound artist based in Torino, IT.

His sonic research has shifted from cathartic performances to express the Catholic sense of guilt to an intimate investigation on feelings of loss and acceptance connected with grief.
As a founding member of the duo Father Murphy he released albums with labels such as The Flenser, Joyful Noise, Avant and God Unknown and performed extensively in Europe (including performances at Roadburn Festival, Le Guess Who?, Supernormal…) North America (toured with Xiu Xiu, Jarboe, Ice Age, Deerhoof), Russia and Australia (Dark Mofo), before ending the project in 2018 with a final release in the form of a Requiem for the band itself.

His latest output, The Night shows no Dawn (that started as an itinerant radio show on Mutant Radio, HKCR, Noods, Radio Kapital…and various radios across the globe) is a sonic exploration into the practice of funeral laments, a formal device used in many cultures to express and contain the emotions of grief.
In his performance Murphy sonically deals with erupting sounds that make mourning a collective act, as well as soothing noises that bring along acceptance. A very own form of lamenting to accept not just the losses of the past but also the loss of a future.
The Night shows in fact no Dawn.



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