Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Luca Ciscognetti

Dreamcrusher are a New York City-based musician and artist, who describe the project as “nihilist queer revolt musik.” Dreamcrusher’s work is at once personal and abstract, revealing and antagonistic; performances and recordings shift between genres while subjecting the characteristic elements—melodies, beats, instrumentation—to distortion until the point of transformation.
Since 2003, Dreamcrusher have released dozens of recordings with labels such as PTP, Fire Talk, and Corpus, as well as on Bandcamp and other online platforms. Dreamcrusher is also a member of the duo Centennial Gardens with King Vision Ultra.



Date City Venue Country
06/10/23 Wien Dish (club) Austria
10/10/23 Krakow Unsound Poland

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