Booking Agent : Alex Schmidt & Riccardo Biondetti

Destiny Bond formed in Denver, CO in 2021, and released their 2021 Demo on Convulse Records that October.
This was followed by a 4-song 2022 Promo released in June, recorded as part of a demoing session for Be My Vengeance, their debut full-length record recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios.
The recording session took place in the middle of a West Coast tour in ‘22, and was released on Convulse Records in June of 2023, selling out of the first press by that December. A live recording from their tour with Baroness was self-released via tape in April of 2024, with anticipated plans for a new release and more touring in the near future.
Since mid-2021, Destiny Bond has toured the full US and parts of Canada extensively with Baroness, Spy, Combust, Jivebomb, Spine, Punitive Damage, Cosmic Joke, Planet on a Chain and Candy Apple, and appeared on festivals such as Not So Fun Weekend and Just Another Gig.
Destiny Bond embarks on a full U.S. tour supporting Gel and MSPAINT this fall as well as support dates for SeeYouSpaceCowboy. With lyrical themes ranging from the importance of tending to your community, selfempowerment, and trans pride, Destiny Bond hopes to deliver the message that we can still findways to fight like hell and hold our own spaces.



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