Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Wade Black

DEATHCHANT are a Los Angeles based four piece band formed in 2018 blending raucous rock and roll and nwobhm with a heavy nod to the golden era of guitar harmonies and Marshall full stacks. Frontmen and dual lead guitarists T.J. Lemieux (Psychedelic Speed Freaks, Child, Babylon) & Doug Stuckey (Banquet) shift from interwoven melodic runs to noise drenched sonic raids with an energy that notoriously sticks with fans long after shows end. Complimented and grounded by a full guns blazing, thunderous and unrelenting rhythm section made up of drummer Joe Herzog (Forest Lawn, Ratt Black) and bassist George Camacho (Child, Babylon), their wild live performances are nothing short of a full body experience. DEATHCHANT regularly tours in both the US & Europe and have shared the stage with WEEDEATER, MIDNIGHT, ELECTRIC WIZARD, MONOLORD, PENTAGRAM, HIGH ON FIRE, EARTHLESS, KING BUFFALO, ELDER, BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT, SACRI MONTI & more. DEATHCHANT have just finished their third full length album titled THRONES on RIDINGEASY RECORDS with back to back tours of Europe and the US in support of its release later this year. PRESS.



No shows booked at the moment.

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