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Growing up in the Midwest during the 1980s was a neon Wild West for the loner pre-teen,
especially when sports was a foreign concept to you and the only stats you were interested in were those found in the cassette liner notes of Rush and Slayer albums. And instead of
watching IU and Purdue play in the NCAA semi-finals, you’d prefer to watch House By The
Cemetery or Dawn of the Dead alone in the dark. Unlike today where you can find your own
tribe of music and horror movie weirdos within minutes in the confines of a laptop and a decent wifi signal, 40 years ago you could go an entire adolescence thinking you were a singular freak among the dense cornfields, church parking lots, and neighborhood basketball courts of Northeast Indiana.

Zombi dropped their debut Cosmos in 2004. It was an album that out of the gate showed two musicians locking in and knowing what direction they wanted to take their musical world. A two-man group that filled each track with lush soundscapes and ominous musical intentions.

With each album release, Zombi’s songs got tighter and more expansive, revealing depth and acompositional heft within the facets of Moore and Paterra’s musical DNA.
2024 will mark the 20th anniversary of Zombi’s debut release Cosmos. In the spring of 2024 the band will release their seventh full-length album, Direct Inject. Direct Inject is 9 tracks of pure, unadulterated Zombi. Direct Inject came to fruition in 2022 after a European headlining tour was canceled due to low ticket sales thanks to a resurgence of Covid.



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