Martin Dupont

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Martin Dupont , was created in 1980 by Alain Seghir, who was surrounded at the time by Catherine Loy , Beverley Jane Crew, and Brigitte Balian. They were immensely talented with a rare dynamic between them that was likely inspired by a combination of their magnetic personalities, creative vision, and the home studio where they recorded. The music they made was colorful, enthusiastic, and delicate, but also melancholy and mysterious. A mixture of hot and cold, light and dark. They made electronic music that incorporated guitars and clarinets and is described by many as New Wave yet they truly transcended genres.

They had mainstream success finding themselves opening for legendary bands like The Lotus Eaters, The Lounge Lizards, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, without any intention of ever being a commercial enterprise. In Beverley Jane Crew’s words, “the songs just tumbled out in a completely organic and spontaneous way and as soon as they were recorded on the four-track, they were shared with friends on tapes, openly and excitedly.”

By 1987, they disbanded but left behind three cult albums: Just Because, Sleep Is A Luxury, and Hot Paradox, one cassette entitled Inédits 1981-1983, and one 7” single entitled Your Passion.Martin Dupont has remained under the radar for over thirty years.

But since his unexpected success in the United States and Europe, supported by the American label Minimal Wave Records and the French labels Meidosem records and Infrastrition, thanks to album reissues and finally with the release in 2023 of the long-awaited album Kintsugi, Martin Dupont returns to the stages with a new line-up including Alain Seghir, Sandy Casado, Beverley Jane Crew, Thierry Sintoni and Olli (Ollivier Leroy), backed by an ever-growing audience. In 2023, they toured the United States and the European Union, attracting large audiences in every city, and although the band has been dormant for decades, interest in them has never faded.



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