Booking Agent : Ricky Biondetti & Giorgio Salmoiraghi

Conjuring corrosive visions of the never-ending apocalypse, Relapse Records recording artists Integrity have relentlessly infected humanity with their noxious vision of haunting gospel for more than 3 decades. Biblically unbound and notorious for being one of the most incendiary and influential music-driven plagues of modern metal history, apocalyptic icons, Integrity have joined forces with Swamp Booking in order to further spread their tyrannical fire & brimstone sermons across the world like a voracious pestilence.



Date City Venue Country
27/09/22 Trier Lucky’s Luke Germany
28/09/22 Hamburg Headcrash Germany
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30/09/22 Helsinki Kuudes Linja Finland
01/10/22 Stockholm Gloomy Days Festival Sweden
02/10/22 Oslo Os Vaterland Norway
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03/10/22 Copenhagen BETA Denmark
04/10/22 Berlin Urban Spree Germany
05/10/22 Prague Underdogs Czech Republic
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06/10/22 Wien escape metalcorner Austria
07/10/22 Innsbruck Livestage Austria
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08/10/22 Bologna DEV Italy
09/10/22 Martigny Caves Du Manoir Switzerland
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10/10/22 Karlsruhe Jubez Germany
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11/10/22 Dortmund Junkyard Germany
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12/10/22 Rotterdam Baroeg Netherlands
13/10/22 Ghent Asgaard Belgium
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