Hypnodrone Ensemble Berlin

Canadian experimental guitarists Aidan Baker (also of Nadja) & Eric Quach (aka Thisquietarmy) formed Hypnodrone Ensemble in Berlin in 2014. While the qroup has a rotating line-up, the quintet regularly features drummers Kristin Sebastian, Angela Muñoz Martínez, & Jérémie Mortier, and creates music combining atmospheric, psychedelic textures with motorik, propulsive rhythms. Their debut, self-titled release, recorded live in Berlin at NK, came out in 2015 on Consouling Sounds in conjunction with an appearance at Incubate Festival. Their studio-recorded full-length, The Shape of Space, was released in 2015 by Calostro Recordings & Little Crack’d Rabbit Records. The group’s second full-length LP, Plays Orchestral Favourites, recorded as an expanded 9-piece ensemble, was released in October 2018 on Wolves & Vibrancy Records. The group has a forthcoming live cassette release, Enneun, forthcoming with Midira Records.



No shows booked at the moment.