Alison Cotton

Booking Agent : Federico Zanatta

Alison Cotton is a viola player / vocalist based in London. Her most recent album of 2020, Only Darkness Now, released on Bloxham Tapes and Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) won critical acclaim, receiving 5 star reviews and reaching number 11 in The Quietus Albums of the Year, number 1 in the Quietus’ New Weird Britain chart, as well as being mentioned in Stewart Lee’s Cultural Year.
As well as the viola, she uses an array of other instruments (her voice, harmonium, percussion, recorder, omnichord, shruti box and piano to name a few) to create long, haunting folk drones.
Many of her pieces are created for, and named after spaces, whether real or fictional, and usually of another time. As she plays, she focusses on the image of these places and becomes part of the scene.
More recently Alison has been commissioned by The Quietus to compose a new piece of long-form music to be released in October 2021 as the first release in their Singularity series.
And in 2022 Alison will return with a new album on Rocket Recordings.



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